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The Superhero Bodyweight Workout

Start looking like a superhero with the bodyweight workout - created by ex-royal marine PT Sean Lerwill

Body Part Exercises

Training Tips for Getting a Six Pack

Read Maximuscles training tips for getting a six pack to lean out and get your abs on display.

Anatomy and Training the Pectorals

Ever wanted to know how to get a bigger chest? The following is designed to do just that, help you understand how your pectorals really work so you can maximise your training and thus maximise your “pecs”.

The V-Shape Back Workout

Create a cut up V-shaped back with this workout - created by Men's Health & Fitness Cover Model, Toby Rowland

Training Tips to Get a Big Upper Chest

Learn how to get a big chest through training and exercise with our comprehensive training guide

The Superhero Bodyweight Bar Workout

Get built like a superhero with this bodyweight bar workout - created by Wbff Pro Wole Adesemoye

Squat Tips and How To Squat More

Learning how to squat more requires a good knowledge of technique. Read these tips to make sure your squat is perfect.

Single Leg Training: Part Two

Check out this artaicle to find alternative exercises and the benefits of single leg training.

Single Leg Training: Part One

Check out this article to find alternative exercises and the benefits of single leg training.

The Shoulder Smash Workout

Looking to create t shirt busting shoulders? Well, follow Maximuscle's Shoulder Smash Workout - created by Rugby Player and cover model Paul Olima

The Benefits of Push Ups

The push-up is a complex compound move that works your chest, biceps and core. Discover the benefits of push ups in this article by Maximuscle.

The Best Push Up Workout for Chest Gains

Find out which muscles push-ups work and why you should train them. Build an enormous chest with this push up workout designed by the makers of Maximuscle.

The Leg Blast Workout

Build huge, defined quads with this leg blast workout - created by ex-royal marine PT Sean Lerwill

The Kettlebell Workout

An all over body workout that just used kettlebells - created by ex-royal marine PT Sean Lerwill

How To Get Bigger Arms

Learn how to get bigger arms with our expert training advice and guides. Maximuscle tells you what you need to build big biceps.

The Full Arm Workout

Build a defined, large arms with this workout - created by Maximuscle PT Wole Adesemoye

The Ultimate Deadlift Workout Routine

The deadlift is one of the greatest compound lifts in existence. The Maximuscle ultimate deadlift workout routine helps build beasty strength and size.

Training for the Classic V Shape

The key to building a 'V-shaped’ or ‘V-Taper’ look is to widen your torso through back exercises such as deadlifts and lat pulldowns.

The Chest Smash Workout

Build a broad and defined chest with this workout - created by Wbff Pro, Wole Adesemoye

How To Build Leg Muscle and Power

Learn more about how to build leg muscle power with Maximuscle’s comprehensive training guide

Body Part Blitz: Shoulders

Having trouble getting your shoulders to grow? Try this shoulder special in the body part blitz series.