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Maximuscle Tubs

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Brand New Maximuscle Tubs - brand new whey protein formulation

Maximuscle Protein Powders – NEW & IMPROVED.

Maximuscle powders are new and improved to better support your goals. Promax & Cyclone are now packed with 25g of BioMax Whey True Protein – a high quality protein blend, 100% whey protein with enhanced dispersibility and fast acting, ideal to support you after exercise and in between meals. Promax Lean has been reformulated to bring you a low fat and low sugar lean muscle shake that is packed with BioMax True Protein – a scientifically formulated blend of whey and casein (milk) to support your goals throughout the day – fast acting and slow releasing. The hard gainers signature Maximuscle shake is Progain. Higher in calories and protein than the other Maximuscle powders, but specifically designed to support an increase in muscle mass and size. Every Serving of Progain is packed with 30g of BioMax Whey Protein. All Maximuscle powders are 100% screened from banned substances and accredited on the informed-sport protein. Maximuscle powders deliver quality, are tested and are trusted by the elite.

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