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Protein Powders

The entire Maximuscle protein range is accredited on the Informed-Sport programme. Perfect support for a new to protein consumer or a seasoned sports professional. Tell me more...

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Maximuscle's large range of protein powders are packed with a variety of proteins. We use quality whey, soy and casein (from milk) in our protein blends. Maximuscle shake powders are individually formulated for great taste and to help you achieve your goal.

Protein is a nutrient your body requires everyday. Shakes were predominantly used by elite sportsmen and strength athletes, but are now commonplace in most households - with everyone understanding their benefits a little better. Protein shakes can be used for a variety of goals: to help you rebuild and maintain your muscle, to help increase lean muscle mass and to develop larger muscles. An active lifestyle increases your body's protein requirements, and the speed at which protein is used up within the body. This nutrient is used for a variety of functions within the body.

Shakes made from whey protein powder are ideal to consume immediately after exercise, to help rebuild your muscles or develop larger ones. They are also convenient and easy to consume at any point during the day, where you may be struggling to find a quality protein source. Browse our whey protein and also our whey protein concentrate and isolate, ideal for focused athletes.