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Strength Training For Football Players

Circuit training and suspension training programmes make for great strength training for football players. Learn why in Maximuscle’s latest online guide.

Footballer Training Programs

New Premier League Players To Watch Out For

Maximuscle has looked at four players about to make their Premier League debuts, as well as how to adapt your football training to be just like them.

Sprint Training For Football Players

Maximuscle’s sprint training guide for football players will give both defenders and strikers the edge over their opponents. Read the advice online now.

Footballers Diet Plan for Match Day

A footballer’s diet plan come match day should cover what is consumed from morning through to evening. Read Maximuscle’s advice for such an occasion.

Pre-Match Football Nutrition Snack Guide

Check out Maximuscle’s pre-match football nutrition snack guide. Read the advice online now.

Football Fitness Drills Tailored To Position

Read Maximuscle’s latest guide to find effective football drills and workouts tailored to various positions on the pitch. Find out more online today.

Football Endurance Training Guide

Improve your overall fitness with Maximuscle’s football endurance training guide. Learn about continuous, interval and fartlek training online now.

Agility Training Drills For Football Players

Cones and ladders are all you need to participate in the agility training drills Maximuscle recommends for football players. Learn more online.