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Maximuscle Supplements

Maximuscle; The UK's Original Sports Nutrition Brand. As the premier sports nutrition supplier in the UK, we have been supporting British athletes, fitness and healthy lifestyles for over 25 years. Tell me more...

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Maximuscle also offers our popular Caps and Tabs Supplements, designed to provide you with the building blocks of high quality supplements and other sports nutrition ingredients. This range is to add specific vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients to support a food first mentality of a balanced diet for active indivduals and elite athletes.

We've got a range protein snacks such as the Maximuscle Protein Bars, each bar providing you with 20g of high quality protein and active ingredients to help support your training goal. Our Protein Bites also taste phenomenal, with our favourite flavour Maximuscle Protein Bites Strawberries & Cream, a 110g bag will help increasing protein intake throughout the day.