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Containing Creatine

High quality creatine supplements from Maximuscle. The ultimate supplement for strength gains. Tell me more...

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What is Creatine?

If you've ever asked yourself, what is creatine? - we've got the answers.

When a sprinter like Usain Bolt runs in a 100m race, they will be using an energy system that only lasts for a very short period of time before it runs out. If after running the 100m they walk back to the start line, this energy system will start to replenish naturally, allowing them to perform another sprint.

Let's think about the exercises you perform. In your sport, the number of times you are required to perform short bursts of high-intensity exercise (sprinting, jumping, pushing or pulling) is higher than you may realise. Like the sprinter, continuous repetition of these will eventually cause fatigue, leading to stopping or a performance reduction. So, what is creatine and how can it help? Creatine supplements may help you do more but what is it, why should you use it and how can you use it to take your performance to the next level?

How can Creatine help me?

Creatine is a non-essential dietary compound that is found naturally in foods like meat and fish. It is also produced in small quantities (~1g) within the body (in your liver) and stored in our muscle cells, where it’s used to power short bursts of high-intensity muscle contractions. With the limited supply available, creatine is widely regarded as one of the most effective supplements and supported by over 20 years of