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The Superhero Bodyweight Workout

Start looking like a superhero with the bodyweight workout - created by ex-royal marine PT Sean Lerwill

Body Part Exercises

Body Part Blitz: Hamstrings

Add one of our body part blitz workouts into your gym routine. In this piece we're looking at an often forgotten muscle group, the hamstrings.

Body Part Blitz: Chest

Try our body part blitz workouts in addition to your normal routine. In this piece we'll be looking at the chest, everyone's favourite muscle group.

Body Part Blitz: Calves

Build some impressive calves, everyone will be envious of with our body part blitz workout.

Body Part Blitz: Arms

Pythons, guns...whatever you want to call them, everyone wants big impressive biceps. Learn how to promote growth in your arms with our body part blitz workout.

Body Part Blitz: Abs

Get yourself some washboard abs with our body part blitz workout, and develop a beach worthy six pack.

Big Legs Workout

Build your strength with the 10 exercises for getting bigger legs with Maximuscle big legs workout article. Grow your lower body now and read this article.

All You Need to Know About Bench Press Angles

Changing up your incline bench press angle or using decline can net some huge chest gains. Read Maximuscle’s guide to bench angles.

Bench Press Tips

The bench press is popular for a reason. It develops upper body strength and power alongside muscle. Read our bench press tips to increase your strength.

The Battle Ropes Workout

Create great biceps and a toned torso with a battle rope workout - created by Men's Health & Fitness Cover Model, Toby Rowland

10 Best Barbell Exercises to Build Muscle

Barbells are the best way to build beasty physiques and incredible strength. Read Maximuscle 10 best barbell exercises for building muscle.