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Rugby Player Diet and Nutrition Advice

Nutrition is a fundamental part to a rugby players success both in training and on the field. Its about building healthy habits that are sustainable. Have you got the right strategy in place?


Scrum Ready Recipes

Scrum ready recipes to make you match ready. Hints and tips on how you can put rugby nutrition theory, into practice.

Nutrition for rugby

Learn how to eat so you’re ready for the scrum - no matter how frequently you train, you still need a nutrition plan to support your performance on the pitch.

A Bluffer's Guide to Rugby

Instantly acquire all the knowledge you need to pass as an expert in the world of rugby, with the Maximuscle guide to rugby.

Maximuscle partner with two of England Rugby’s top wingers to their ranks

England Rugby flyers Anthony Watson and Jess Breach have partnered with UK sports nutrition company Maximuscle.

Strategies to Maximise Rugby Training & Performance

In this article, Dr. Nick Tiller offers tips to maximize your rugby training and performance on the pitch.

Prehabilitation Exercises for Rugby

Prehab helps athletes to create stronger, more mobile, and more resilient bodies. Read our guide to help you train harder and assist you in reaching your full potential!

How to Increase Physical Strength

To be a stronger athlete, you have to focus on working multiple muscle groups and work on movements that are repeated in the game.

How to Increase Mental Strength

Most top rugby players and coaches believe that psychological factors are a critical part of the make-up of champions. In close fought contests, having greater control over your mind can make the difference between winning and losing.

How to Increase Endurance for Rugby

The key to building the ultimate rugby endurance engine that will see you finish a game as strongly as you start it, is incorporating repeated fast runs with minimal rest periods in between.

George Norths Guide To Improving Agility & Mobility

Want to know how George North uses agility and mobility training to stay speedy and elusive on the pitch? Read the Maximuscle guide now.

How to get Rugby World Cup fit

Instantly acquire all the knowledge you need to pass as an expert in the world of rugby, with the Maximuscle bluffer guide to rugby.

The Evolution of the Rugby Player

Modern rugby union demands players that are faster, fitter and stronger than ever before. Read the Maximuscle comprehensive guide to the evolution of rugby.

Courtney Lawes' Training Plan

Read Courtney Lawes' training advice and routine to start increasing your power on the pitch

Common Rugby Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Rugby sees its fair share of injuries. But which are the most common? Click here to read our guide to the most common rugby injuries, and how they can be prevented.

Chris Robshaw's Training Plan

Read how Chris Robshaw builds the physical strength required to lead by example on the field

Anthony Watson's Training Plan

Read how Anthony Watson increases his speed and agility through training