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All batches are screened for banned substances on the Informed Sport programme.

Maximuscle Promax Elite Bundle

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Maximuscle Promax Restore Whey Protein Powder

Maximuscle Promax contains a Premium Whey Protein blend, the only protein powder with 45% Whey Protein Isolate (WPI), a unique blend of whey protein, which is rapidly digested by the body providing a fast uptake of protein, stimulating muscle development and growth. To develop or increase muscle mass you need more protein in your daily diet. PROMAX is a protein-rich shake containing 7g naturally occurring Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and naturally occurring glutamine. Promax is low is salt, sugar and fat making it a great shake to supplement your daily protein requirements. Promax also contains a source of magnesium, which contributes to muscle function and reducing tiredness and fatigue. The newly formulated Maximuscle Promax has been nutritionally tailored to meet your training needs. Promax contains 27g protein in each serving and can be used either immediately after exercise or throughout the day to increase your daily protein content.

Maximuscle Promax Restore Whey Protein Powder

Maximuscle Protein Milk 6 x 330ml

Maximuscle Protein Milk is a convenient, ready-to-drink, great tasting protein shake. Protein milk is a high protein, low fat milk shake. Specifically formulated to deliver 25g of protein, to support muscle maintenance, growth and development. Our Protein Milk is made with natural flavours and colours. The entire Maximuscle range is screened for banned substances and accredited on the Informed-Sport programme.

Maximuscle Protein Bars 12 x 45g

Our game-changing range of new and improved Maximuscle Protein Bars in five flavours. Even better taste and still scientifically-backed; endorsed by pro-athletes, we have loaded these bars with 15g of muscle-building protein.

Maximuscle Pre-Workout Powder 300g Pack

New from Maximuscle, our Pre-Workout gives you the boost needed to get the most out of your gym session. Delivering great taste and great results that enable you to reach #yourMAX.

Maximuscle Original Screw Cap Protein Shaker 700ml in Red and Clear

The Maximuscle Shaker (700ml). Pop your sports nutrition powder into our Original and well-loved protein shaker. A 700ml shaker, add some water, shake and drink. Alternatively, buy several MaxiNutrition protein shakers for your different products, throughout the day. With high quality screw cap to prevent leakage.

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