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Maximuscle to Maximuscle


Why have we changed from Maximuscle to Maximuscle?

Sports nutrition has come a long way in the last 20 years and as one of the first brands on the market, we’ve witnessed these changes first hand. Originally the domain of bodybuilders, sports nutrition use now reaches a far more diverse user group and we’ve taken the decision to reflect that in our new name – introducing Maximuscle!

We are in the very fortunate position to be able to work very closely with the Human Performance Laboratory; a world class science facility combining our science expertise and cutting edge technology. This has allowed us to further deepen our understanding of human performance and how our products can benefit each and every user. This has allowed our scientists to develop nutrition enabling us to continue to push the limits of human performance.

With these innovations we wanted to extend our expertise to a wider range of people; from those looking to improve their general health through to Olympic standard athletes. Therefore, we are pleased to introduce the new Maximuscle, rebranded as Maximuscle, offering new formulations, products, sizes and value!

Same high quality but with more value!

Following feedback from many of our loyal customers, we have decided to make made some significant yet necessary changes to the way we categorise our products, our product sizes and the value we offer. Through re-structuring these elements we aim to ensure that what we are delivering to you is the highest quality and safest products at a price that is more affordable to you.

You will notice that our packaging and goal categories have changed with the aim of allowing you to make more informed purchasing decisions based on your own personal goals.

We now have 4 colour coded categories for you to choose from, allowing you to quickly find the right products to suit you.

Sustain + Rebuild

Our Sustain + Rebuild range helps your body recover from exercise and rebuild muscle tissue. By feeding your body with high-quality protein and amino acids, you’ll feel able to return to training with your muscles back at their peak.

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Strength + Power

Our Strength + Power range gives your body a balance of proteins, and creatine to drive intensity and muscle efficiency during short bursts of high intensity exercise. With a selection of products that also target micronutrient, you're best able to achieve the goals you're training hard for. 

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Mass + Size

Our Mass + Size range delivers the calories and protein your body needs to make greater gains in muscle and weight. With products that assist your recovery and provide a rich balance of amino acids, this is the most effective way to get to your target size.

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Lean Definition

Our Lean Definition range provides your body with nutrition for maintaining lean muscle. A carefully-balanced product range of proteins for muscle, caffeine for focus and vitamins B2, B3 & B5 - vitamins for energy yeilding metabolism.

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