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Know Your Whey

Whey protein has embedded itself as a staple in the sports nutrition diet, but with so many whey variants on the market which is the right ‘whey’ to go when choosing your protein powder?

Protein - Our Ingredients

Casein Protein - Maximuscle Micellar Casein

Casein protein supplementation is quickly becoming a regular feature in the kitchen cupboard.

Which is best – Casein or Whey?

Although whey and casein are similar in amino acid (AA) structure there’s a common misconception that whey protein is the superior supplementary choice due to its ease of digestibility. As such, whey releases AAs relatively quickly into the system, ready to be used by muscle for restoration and growth. Casein on the other hand is a slow releasing protein, meaning that it takes longer to digest and releases AA over a longer period of time compared to whey.

Casein for Body Building

There’s no two ways about it, body building takes a significant toll on the body. For a start, the body churns through more calories to maintain muscle compared to maintaining fat. So, the more muscle you build, the more calories the body requires on a daily basis. Not to mention the calories you need to get through training.

Casein – The Night Time Protein

When you’re putting in the hard graft on the gym floor, don’t let the quick wins slip away. Casein can be the perfect protein bolt on to your nutrition plan to promote muscle maintenance and growth.

What Is A High Quality Protein

Whey, vegan, pea, casein, hemp, brown rice, egg. With so many sources of protein on the market, how do you know which is best? Keep reading to find out more about protein quality.

Do You Know How Much Protein Is In Your Tub

If you’re shopping around for protein powder you’re most probably comparing the protein content between tubs. Have you ever stopped to question if you’re getting what’s advertised on the label?

How Much Caffeine Are You Drinking?

How Much Caffeine Are You Drinking

Plant Protein

Whether you’re a veggie, vegan or just get the majority of your protein from plant based sources, Maximuscle have pulled together a guide of our top 5 favourite plant based proteins and where to find them.

New Great Tasting Protein Bars from Maximuscle

Maximuscle New Great Tasting Protein Bars

Explaining Maximuscle's Premium Whey Protein

Maximuscle understand that nutrition needs to be manipulated to reflect different physical goals. As such, they have developed our premium Whey Protein formulation as a Maximuscle guarantee on all our protein products.

Maximuscle Whey Protein - The Quality Protein Choice

There are certain times where we’re willing to spend more and invest in quality goods, and times where we’re willing to accept the trade off in quality to bag ourselves a bargain. When it comes to shopping around for protein powders, finding quality products should be high on the agenda.

Maximuscle Whey Protein - Does What It Says on the Tub

When deciding which protein powder deserves your cold hard cash, one of the main points of differences to look out for between products is the protein content stated front of pack. But, how do we know that what’s stated on front of pack is accurate?

How To Make A Protein Shake – 5 Recipes To Try

For many gym newcomers, learning how to make a protein shake is the first step to sports supplements. Try these Maximuscle recipes to start enjoying your shake.

Everything You Need To Know About BCAAs

For sports professionals, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, amino acids are vital. Learn everything you need to know about BCAA’s with Maximuscle.

Slow Release Protein - What is Casein?

Learn about the benefits of slow release protein when Maximuscle answers the question: What is casein? Learn how this type of protein aids your goals.

What Is Whey Protein?

Protein is an essential nutrient for life, responsible for numerous functions, like supporting the building of tissue, cells and muscle. Proteins are made from a collection of up to 20 amino acids.

What is Whey Protein?: Hydrolysate to Isolate

It’s no secret that dietary protein is essential to promote muscle growth following hard exercise. However, there is still a great deal of confusion stemming from questions such as ‘what is whey protein?’ and ‘when to eat protein’ as well as debate on protein type, amount and timings that should be used in order to optimise training adaptation and maximise gains. This short article disambiguates our current understanding of dietary protein and offers some recommendations on how to use this valuable macronutrient to achieve your training goals.

Soy Protein side effects and myths

The benefits and shortcomings of soy protein seem to have foodies, nutrition bloggers and scientists at loggerheads. Is it a super food or a food to avoid? Unsubstantiated scientific claims have led to myths about soy, clouding perceptions of this protein. Before making your own mind up about soy, consider the following debunking of 3 common myths.

How much protein do I need?

It’s great to see that people are seeing the benefits of protein, irrespective of their goal but yet so many exercisers are still confused as to the optimal amount of protein for them. At Maximuscle, protein science is the shining light behind everything we do, it’s our heartland and we want to share that science with you to help you achieve your goal.

Best Time To Have Protein Shakes

Follow our guideline to maximise the benefits protein can have with helping you achieve your goal: