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An Apple a Day – The importance of Vitamins and Minerals

Micronutrients have been becoming bigger in stature with wide spread supplementation, in particular the antioxidant claims being of specific interest for both health and exercise. But is there any truth in antioxidant supplementation for exercise support and performance?

Nutritional Advice

Protein for Lean Muscle - Our Tips

Protein is considered by sports scientists as a key nutrient which can be consumed to help maintain and develop lean muscle. If you’re confused about how much protein you need, which type of protein is best, or even when you should eat it – our guide to protein will help you separate fact from protein fiction.

Beach Body Workout and Diet Tips

Have you been working hard to achieve your summer beach body? Don’t let yourself down during the hot summer months. Keep your healthy diet balanced throughout the holiday months with our beach body workout and diet tips. Get plenty of lean protein and make sure you use the wonderful weather to work out in the fresh air! Here are seven simple rules to keep your perfectly toned beach body looking great this summer:

Protein & Weight Loss

When you're exercising to loose weight, consume protein to help develop your muscles. Find out why protein is important for you.

How Does Protein Work to Rebuild Muscle

We've all been there: the day after that heavy weights session or important event, where you struggle to physically function. Whilst a lot of effort goes in to performing to your best, we tend to forget that our body has to perform every day.

Nutrition Tips For Muscle Maintenance

Everyone who understands recovery knows that feeling of soreness, tired and strained muscles after a tough performance or sustained training.

Recovery Food and Post-Exercise Nutrition

Get the most out of your workouts and follow these simple nutritional strategies to optimise recovery.

The Facts About Protein and Strength

Protein is essential for anyone who is training for increased strength and power. There are a few reasons why, and it's important to understand just how crucial protein intake is before you make any decisions over your nutrition.

Strength Training Diet Tips

Increasing your strength and power is a matter of feeding your muscle the high-quality protein and micronutrients they need to achieve peak performance

What Should I Eat After Exercise?

If training is the key then nutrition must be the lock. They both work together to help you achieve the greatest training adaptation.

What Is Clean Eating?

What is clean eating? It is a relatively simple nutritional concept and it’s one that is gaining traction. It involves eating foods that are un-processed or minimally processed; foods that are as close to their natural form as possible. Ultimately, clean eating is a lifestyle choice.

How Does Digestion Work?

We take a look at the digestion process; food's journey through the body and protein's journey to muscles..

Nutritional Health Tips To Improve Your Wellbeing

Despite the marketing gimmicks for skin creams and anti-aging elixirs of youth, the best things you can do to look better start from the inside – better nutritional health is the key to feeling good about yourself.

Smarter Eating Ideas

Whether you want to lose weight, control your balance of nutrients or avoid certain foods altogether in order to hit your goals, there are a few simple strategies that can help everyone.

Healthy Protein Snacks On The Go

We all know protein is important for muscle growth and maintenance, and one excellent way to make sure you maximise benefits from training is through well-planned meal prep that includes a good amount of protein.

Healthy Protein Snacks for A Healthier You

It’s time to rethink the way you’re snacking. Including protein between meals could be the extra edge your diet and fitness programme needs.

Good Protein Snacks From Vending Machines

Don’t let your diet go to hell just because you have to snack from a vending machine. Here are three good protein snacks you can grab from vending machines.

Protein, Preparation and Portion Control Tips

At Maximuscle we believe the 3 P’s of Protein, Preparation and Portion Control may help guide you in the right direction to have a successful and healthy balanced diet that will benefit your personal goal.

Can You Have Too Much Protein?

Protein helps with muscle development but with the vast array of information available, ofter saying to consume large amounts of protein, what information should you follow

Protein Snack Ideas

Everyone snacks, we may not realsie how often we do it or what we've eaten as it's easy to grab a chocolate bar or biscuit if we're hungry, instead of choosing healthier alternatives.

Paleo Diet Explained

Wondering what the paleo diet is? take a look at Maxinutrion's informative article online today to find out more about paleo foods and nutrition.