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Healthy Food Guide for Exercise

Eating for exercise starts with eating a healthy balanced diet and then tweaking it for the activity or sport you're participating in. Consuming a balanced nutrient intake will help when trying to achive your goal of a better physique or improving your performance.

Nutritional Advice

What is GI/Glycemic Index?

Food with a high glycemic index lead to a bigger change in blood sugar levels a over a 2-3 hour period than foods with a low glycemic index. A glycemic index list assign a numerical value to a food.

Boost Energy To Beat The Afternoon Slump

We’ve all suffered the same slump — that point in the afternoon where our energy levels nosedive and we’re struggling to stay awake and alert. It’s common, but it is avoidable if you understand what’s really happening inside your body.

Energy balance in sport and the three goals

When it comes to successfully achieving your goal, your energy balance can tip the scales in your favour but what is meant by energy balance and what does that mean for you?

Summer Body Diet Advice

With the summer right around the corner, gaining an enviable chiselled body can be considered high on the priority list. Support your hard work in the gym by eating right to achieve beach body success.

Six Pack Diet Advice

achieving a six pack is one of the most visibly noticeable body improvements you can make, a goal which is attained through two main areas of focus. Find out how to obtain a six pack through a balanced diet.

Eat Your Way To Great Abs

many people bust their guts doing sit-ups and crunches with one goal in mind: a wasboard 6 pack stomach. unfortunately, the washboard abs has more to do with the absence of belly fat than with the well-developed stomach muscles.

Diets Explained

Everyone is on a diet of some kind; you may be trying to eat healthy - eating more of this and less of that. Your diet should be specific to you, your goal and your lifestyle.

5 Steps To Smarter Eating

The luxury of home cooked meals and snacks on tap are replaced with the requirement for preparation, organisation and restraint! So how can you make light work of eating healthily and getting on track to achieve your body composition and performance goals? Rebecca Williams explains with 5 steps to smarter eating.