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New Year Resuscitation

New Year, New You. Its that time again when a large majority of us put pen to paper and makes some new year's goals. In not some many days it's also that time when most of those goals are abandoned. With the help of Gareth Nicholas, create a process that you can stick to and make your goals a reality.

Nutritional Advice

Pre-workout Smoothie Ideas

You can substitute a pre-workout snack with a pre-workout smoothie. It’s down to personal preference what you choose to consume prior to training. Generally, they are easy to digest and you can still pack loads of nutrition into them to support your workout plan and goals. Smoothies also tend to save you time as they don’t involve any cooking time – just a few minutes chopping and then straight in the blender for a minute or so. Of course – they can be made a few hours before and kept refrigerated until needed.

Pre-workout Snacks

For your body to be able to perform to the best of its ability during exercise, it requires a sufficient level of energy. This is why pre-workout nutrition is so important. It should comprise of two of the main macronutrients: carbohydrates and protein, and a pre-workout snack should be eaten around 30 minutes to 1 hour before your exercise begins. This gives your body time to digest the food in time for your workout.

Post-workout Snacks

After your workout, the likes of blood sugar levels, creatine, glycogen and BCAA levels will be lower, so they need to be replenished. Post-workout snacks can help replenish these stores in the body if they are comprised of the two main macronutrients: protein and carbohydrates both of which play their own important role in replenishing stores

Pre-workout Drinks

During a workout, energy levels become depleted rapidly and cause muscles to prematurely feel fatigue. To reach your goals, your body’s energy levels need to remain high. Supplements can be taken in your regime to aid your workout, most commonly taken before, during or after a workout. Your body needs a sufficient amount of energy for a workout.

Best Pre-workout shakes

You can supplement protein into your regime pre-workout for many reasons – and a pre-workout shake is just one way that you can supplement. To supplement as a shake, protein powder is usually mixed with milk or water so that you can drink it in liquid form. In some cases, the powder can also be mixed with a high-sugar sports drink to provide an additional energy source along with protein.

Post-workout Meals

During exercise your energy levels decrease, and your glycogen stores rapidly deplete in your muscles, causing them to tire. It’s important to have a good post-workout meal to replenish the stores that have been used during your workout. A meal comprising of the right macronutrients can set your body up for optimum recovery.

Pre-workout Meals

Your pre-workout meals are almost as important as post-workout because they tend to serve the purpose of fuelling your workout. Your blood sugar levels should be high during your workout – failing to eat the right foods before your workout can lead to low blood sugar levels, which in turn could cause fatigue and light headedness.

What is Pre-workout

It’s a no brainer that your body requires energy to exercise to its maximum potential. Whether it is high intensity interval training or endurance training, your energy levels must be high to prevent your muscles prematurely feeling fatigue, or completely exhausted. Food and supplements before your workout, when chosen carefully, can help support your workout and delay the feeling of fatigue by boosting energy levels.

Omega-3s and The Diet

Omega-3 fatty acids have been hailed a key inclusion for a healthy balanced diet, but how do we make sure we’re getting enough of these essential fatty acids?

Nutrition to keep your old man healthy this Father’s Day

A simple guide that covers a few health and wellness topics for the older gents in your life.

Fed or Fasted Cardio

It’s a common discussion in the gym. On one hand you've got a ripped guy telling you he does fasted cardio every morning and that’s why he’s so lean. On the other hand you’ve got a shredded guy telling you you’ll only break down hard built muscle training fasted so he never trains without eating. The question is who is right?

Add Mass: Best Supplements For Bulking

For bodybuilders, winter brings bulking season. Learn how to aid your efforts with Maximuscle’s article on the best supplements for bulking up.

Top 5 Protein Myths Debunked

Top 5 Protein Myths Debunked

Rugby Nutrition What the Pros do

Chris Curtis, the Performance Nutritionist for the Rugby Football Union’s under 20’s England Women’s squad, explains what the pro’s do when it comes to tailoring nutrition to optimise physical performance on the pitch.

What To Eat Before A Workout

Read the Maximuscle guide to learn about essential preworkout nutrition supplements and what to eat before a workout to maximise performance.

How much protein to build muscle

Find out about the benefits of protein and how it can assist you in building muscle mass and help achieve your weight gain goals.

How to build muscle and size

For some people, gaining weight in the form of muscle rather than fat can be a frustrating task. If you follow our top 8 tips, however, you'll pack on lean muscle and size far more easily and be well on your way to achieving your physique goals.

Training Tips For Hard Gainer Muscle

Muscle mass, as seen on magazine cover models is many people’s idea of the perfect body; a balance of muscularity, athleticism and a low body fat percentage. Many of these extra-lean models also weigh in at around 175 – 180lbs, making it a challenging but ultimately realistic goal for genetically average trainers and hardgainers to achieve.

Protein for Lean Muscle - Our Tips

Protein is considered by sports scientists as a key nutrient which can be consumed to help maintain and develop lean muscle. If you’re confused about how much protein you need, which type of protein is best, or even when you should eat it – our guide to protein will help you separate fact from protein fiction.

Beach Body Workout and Diet Tips

Have you been working hard to achieve your summer beach body? Don’t let yourself down during the hot summer months. Keep your healthy diet balanced throughout the holiday months with our beach body workout and diet tips. Get plenty of lean protein and make sure you use the wonderful weather to work out in the fresh air! Here are seven simple rules to keep your perfectly toned beach body looking great this summer: