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An Apple a Day – The importance of Vitamins and Minerals

Micronutrients have been becoming bigger in stature with wide spread supplementation, in particular the antioxidant claims being of specific interest for both health and exercise. But is there any truth in antioxidant supplementation for exercise support and performance?

Nutritional Advice

Weight Loss - Is little and often, still the way to go?

Ask around, either in the office or your friends, someone is on a 'diet'. As we get closer to the summer season and the thought for some people donning swimwear, is somewhat of a scary one.

A Calorie is a calorie

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing! In the case of nutrition, no truer words have been said. Turning to the internet for answers, often only complicates and confuses nutritional information. Let our head nutritionist, Gareth Nicholas, share his wisdom on why calories are not the be-all and end-all.

High Fat, Salt & Sugar

It's on, it's off, it's postponed... The goverenment strategy in reducing childhood obesity is to tackle the location, promotion and advertising of high fat, sugary or salty (HFSS) foods. This potentially opens the door for the protein bar revolution to continue it's growth and popularity among shoppers. BUT are they a healthy alternative or just papering over the cracks?

New Year Resuscitation

New Year, New You. Its that time again when a large majority of us put pen to paper and makes some new year's goals. In not some many days it's also that time when most of those goals are abandoned. With the help of Gareth Nicholas, create a process that you can stick to and make your goals a reality.

No Pain, No Gain

No pain, no gain! Ever had that feeling, the muscle aches and pains 24-48 hours after a gym sessions. Chances are you are feeling the effects of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). A completely normal but painful inevitability of training. Here's Gareth Nicholas' top tips to help you get over DOMS and back to training.

Christmas Feastivities

If you cant over do it at Christmas then when can you? Christmas is always a tricky time to keep the diet in check, but here's some advice from our nutritionist, Gareth Nicholas The sensible approach to the festivities and some hints and tips to beating the bulge.

The Toll of Christmas Lunch

While we fully endorse having a blooming good festive season, it’s good to be aware of exactly how much toll Christmas day indulgences can have on the body, and how much exercise needs to be done to work it off.

Christmas Foody Facts

While you’re still in your festive pyjamas considering which wonderful Christmas treats to tuck into first, take a look at the following Christmas foody facts.

Counting Calories For Weight Loss

Trying to improve your diet? Is calorie counting a must do or will it just add another road block to success? Let our nutritionist, Gareth Nicholas, give his expert opinion on the role that calorie counting can play.

Max your training with MAX-ZMA

Training hard and eating well but is something still holding you back? The third pillar to health and fitness lies with better sleep and recovery. Let us tell you about the potential of adding ZMA into your diet.

The truth behind Ashwagandha

Herbal adaptogens have been the secret for ancient medicine, but can we take some of the learnings and apply them to improve physical performance or health and wellbeing. Let Gareth Nicholas from Maximuscle, share the science behind Ashwagandha and shed some light on why it is fast becoming a popular supplement.

Cyclone: What’s your view?

There are lots of reasons why you pick certain sports nutrition products, but none bigger than a recommendation. Safety in numbers....It's always good to hear first hand, what people really think. Here's some genuine feedback from our Cyclone consumers.

The World's No.1 All-in-one: It’s time to try Cyclone

Why settle for anything less? Cyclone is our flagship product - an all-in-one powder that packs a powerful punch. But what's in it and how can it help you?

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting - is it just another fad? Our head nutrition talks about the basis for fasting, the science and the potential benefits it brings. Is it an evolution or a revolution?

Have a treat without the cheat

For many people, resisting 'the cravings' often proves to be a dietary hurdle. Unhealthy snacking has long been the cause in derailing the train to success. Well, no more! Maximuscle offers a range of bars, bites, dippers and milks that taste so good, but without slowing your progress.

Training Fasted For Weight Loss

There are many methods and ideas about the best ways to lose weight. Intermittent fasting (IF) is becoming very popular, but for some IF is hard to stick to, especially when training and performance are crucial. Many exercisers utilise fasted training as a way to lose weight or for weight management and here's why...

Is the sugar in fruit bad for you?

We know that sugar is a big dietary problem in todays modern society, but fruits are pack with sugar. Does that mean we should actually avoid fruit? Let our head nutritionist Gareth Nicholas, explain why fruit should remain in the menu.

An Army Marches On Protein

What better way to show the benefits protein on exercise recovery than putting it to the test with Military personnel. We have enlisted the help of researcher Shaun Chapman who is specifically looking at the impact of additional dietary protein during arduous military training.

Nutrition for the National Fitness Games

Looking for a new fitness challenge? Why not sign up for the NFG experience. The National Fitness Games offer a wide range of physical challenges to test the novo beginner to the seasoned elite. Training is going to be crucial but your nutrition will be vital. Let Maximuscle help provide the groundwork for building a solid plan for you.

Ask the expert - Top 5 gym floor questions

Everyone has an opinion, but sometimes other peoples views and opinions, especially when it comes to training and nutrition, can only add to confusion and mixed messages. We've put some of the most common questions to performance coach and gym owner Ollie Marchon, for the truth.