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Whey Protein for Strength & Power

Maximuscle protein powders for strength and other sports nutrition for building power has been scientifically formulated to support muscle growth. The Maximuscle Strength range offers products that can help improve muscle strength and power. Tell me more...

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Cyclone is the ‘go to product’ within this range for protein powders for strength. Often our new consumers will start using Promax and then see the further benefits that Cyclone has to offer. Each Cyclone serving is packed with 32g of Whey Protein, with 5g of added creatine monohydrate, 1.5g Calcium HMB and 10g of Glutamine per 60g of powder. Cyclone is Maximuscle’s original explosive power in a tub.

Maximuscle Cyclone has been reformulated, optimised and improved. Cyclone still contains the historical ingredients which make this shake a popular all-in-one performance shake but the new formula contains high quality whey protein - a balanced blend of whey proteins to ensure that the protein within Cyclone is fast acting.

How to get the best out of Maximuscle Strength product range:

Our Greatest Ever All-in-One Cyclone Protein Powder Power building protein powders to increase strength with 5g of creatine which has been proven to boost performance during short-term, high intensity repeated exercise bouts, like weight training, when levels of creatine are consumed every day. It delivers results.

Maximuscle Protein Bars Incredible taste. Spot on nutrition. The same free from artificial falvours and colours found in our Whey Protein Powders are our great tasting bars with 20g Protein.

Maximuscle Pre-Workout  Maximuscle pre-workout powder offers an alternative method to creatine supplementation for exercisers who want specific amounts rather than what is found with an all-in-one like Cyclone.