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Muscle Restore & Build Supplements

Maximuscle Restore product range is specifically designed to support muscle development and growth after training. With a range of powders, bars and milks, Maximuscle Restore products offer high protein, premium quality, convenient protein formats. Tell me more...

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Protein is a key nutrient to help support muscle development. Depending upon your goal, you should consume 1-2 grams of protein per kilogram of body mass (g/kg/bm), for example 70-140 g for a 70 kg individual. Ideally your daily protein content should be split into 20-40g feeds, 5-6 times per day. Supplements therefore offer a convenient way ensure that you achieve your daily protein requirement. For the best use, Maximuscle Restore products could be used immediately after training and in between meals to top up your dietary protein intake.

To help put this into practice Maximuscle Restore products could be used:

MAXIMUSCLE PROMAX POWDER - 1 serving after exercise. Being 100% Whey Protein, low in fat, low in sugar and providing 25g BioMax Whey True protein – Promax is the must have product for our ambassador and athletes.

MAXIMUSCLE PROMAX BARS - Up to 2 bars per day – flavours such as Millionaires Shortbread offer a treat like snack but with all the Promax goodness. Each bar is high in fibre, unbelievable taste and 20g of muscle building protein. Promax bars provide you with satisfaction for your craving without putting a dent into your desired goal.

Maximuscle PROMAX MILK - For those on the go, but with a need for something a little closer to a milkshake. Maximuscle Promax Milk’s are great to keep in your gym bag or car, to ensure that you never miss an opportunity to support your desired goal. Each shake contains 30g of protein, naturally occurring sugar and is fat free.

All of Maximuscle Restore products are screened from banned substances and Informed-Sport accredited. Quality, Tested and Trusted.