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Maximuscle Bars

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Maximuscle Protein Bites 6 x 110g
Millionaires Shortbread, Cookies and Cream, Strawberries and Cream
From £25.00
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Maximuscle Natural Bars 18 x 40g
Peanut Cacao, Zesty Lemon, Coffee Hazelnut
From £22.00
Maximuscle Protein Bars 12 x 55g
Peanut Butter, Millionaires Shortbread, Cookies and Cream
From £12.99
Brand New Maximuscle Bars - great new flavours, spot on nutrition


Maximuscle have a range of 14 NEW bars – 5 Promax Bars, 4 Promax Lean Bars, 3 Cyclone and 2 Progain Bars. Still delivering the trusted nutritionals you desire but with new incredible flavours from Millionaires Shortbread to Peanut Butter. It’s our goal not to spoil all that hard graft in the gym by providing you with a bar that delivers 20g of protein with as low sugar and fat as possible, tasting great and supporting your goal from lean definition to muscle growth. All Maximuscle bars are 100% screened from banned substances and accredited on the informed-sport protein. Maximuscle bars deliver quality, are tested and are trusted by the elite.

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