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MaxPURE creatine blend to increase your power in high-intensity performance.


Key Points

Formerly Maximuscle Creatamax 300

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Pack Size

300g/60 servings

Product Details - Primary

Why Creatamax 300?

If you’re pushing for greater strength and power goals, then creatine can help you increase your performance during high-intensity exercise. Creatamax 300 contains 5g of MaxPURE creatine monohydrate in every serving.

MaxPURE creatine

Creatine is an ingredient that is proven to deliver increased power and strength in your high-intensity performance, and MaxPURE is a pure and reliable source.

Product Details - Secondary

Nutrition - Primary

Nutrition Information

Typical Values Per 5g

Creatine Monohydrate

     of which Creatine 



*%RDI = Recommended Daily Intake

Ingredient information

*Suitable for vegetarians.

To see our full ingredients and our label please use the below.

Nutrition - Secondary

Recommended Usage - Primary

Recommended Usage - Strength + Power

During 5-day loading phas

1 serving with breakfast + 1 serving before lunch + 1 mid-afternoon + 1 early evening

Maintenance phase

After the loading phase, consume 1 serving in the morning and a second one in the afternoon or after training.

Serving Instructions

1 serving = 5g.

Recommended Usage - Secondary

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